Wheelie School Details

(two options)

1-Day Course & "Level 2" Course

Option 1:

Wheelie School 1-Day Course

(Designed for: Novice, Intermidiate, Advanced riders)

   Upon arriving at the venue at 8:30am, you will be greeted and your reservation confirmed at check-in. After being checked-in, a basic riding skills assessment, and comprehension of the motorcycles controls will take place, and your instructor will clear you individually to participate. This comprises of general motorcycle knowledge, and a demonstration of control and awareness. This is for your safety. Equivalent skill set to the DMV’s motorcycle riding test can be expected. 
Class then begins with a basic overview of the track layout, course setup, and guidelines. During the short classroom session, we will also go over the WHC device and its safety systems, insuring your understanding and confidence. From there, WheelieU instructors will ride and demonstrate how the WHC works out on course. 
Once geared up and onto the riding portion of the school, each student will have the opportunity to sit on our special ‘Balance-Point Pit Bike’. This is one of our Speed Triple bikes secured to a specialized elevated ramp in the pits. They can then accustom themselves to the height of a proper wheelie in a standstill environment. This has proven to be an extremely helpful tool and a jump-start in learning to wheelie. 
Once underway, each student will have a timed session where he or she will make multiply passes under the watchful eye and care of their instructor. Continuing in a revolving order throughout the day, students will be given ample seat time and endless personal instruction. The day typically lasts until 5:00pm. Complementary lunch, drinks, and snacks will be on offer all day. Our goal is to have each student educated with the fundamentals and technique to be a proficient rider in performing a confident, safe wheelie that can be applied to any two-wheeled motorcycle.

Option 2:

Wheelie School "Level 2" Course

(Designed for: Former WheelieU students, Intermidiate, Advanced riders)

    Wheelie University is proud to announce, and introduce our new "Level 2" Course. This 8-hour course is designed for past WheelieU students, and intermediate/advanced riders looking to apply safe wheelie skills on their personal motorcycle in a safe race-track environment under watchful supervision.
The "Level 2" Course will offer professional one-on-one guidance and instruction throughout the 8-hour day. Our Instructors will assess each rider’s motorcycle (sportbike, standards, dual-sport, adventure touring, Harley, MX, Supermoto, even Goldwing's!) and setup to help determine optimum wheelie performance and safety.
"Level 2" will run in an open-track format, with ample track time to help bridge the gap from our 1-Day Course where riders learn the fundamentals on our provided Triumph motorcycles equipped with our W.H.C. safety device. The programs goal is to build confidence between student and their motorcycle in a safe race-track environment. Confidence and comfort is key to a safe wheelie experience, and we are here to help every step of the way. Any questions on the program feel free to email or give us a call.

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