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Our Goal for You & The Wheelie
'Balance Point Wheeelie' - noun; the point at which engine or braking power is no longer needed to keep the front wheel elevated. Maintaining forward momentum would be the only required use of power at this point
The wheelie, an advanced, timeless technique, that has spanned all of motorcyclings history. An iconic feat of soul, individuallity, freedom, and unadulterated talent.
That exclusive club once reserved for the daring and athletically gifted, has finally met its rival- the 'W.H.C.'s' technology. With a blend of modern electronics and mechanical safety systems, the 'Wheelie Height Controller' (W.H.C.) device was born. The sole purpose, to bring within reach the wheelieing experience to all able bodied riders. Adapted to our beutifully balanced Triumph Speed Triple motorcycles, our carefully guided, 1-on-1 personal instruction will reassure you with confidence. Wheelieing is within your grasp at our 1-Day course.
We all can agree, to possess the skill to wheelie is something we would all love to have in our skill set. The reality we are faced with is traditional methods carry a high risk factor that keeps the dream, well just a dream... Until now.
We provide the tools, you experience the wheelie.



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