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The Equipment 

The "W.H.C." Device

The W.H.C. Wheelie Height Controller device,  works by giving our WheelieU instructor the ability to electronically regulate,  and limit the height of a students wheelie. 


The WHC is capable of limiting the wheelie height from,  1-inch off the ground,  all the way through to a balance-point wheelie,  with twenty (20) preset levels in-between to choose from. Creating this step-by-step system,  allows students to work with their personal instructor at his or her own pace through the 8-hour course. 


The WHC works by communicating with the motorcycles Engine Control Unit (ECU),  limiting and regulating the engines power precisely,  preventing it from raising any higher than predetermined by our instructors via a numbered dial fitted on the motorcycle. A WheelieU instructor will keep detailed track of each students level and can adjust the WHC’s dial for each wheelie pass they perform. The device features a redundant safety system inside that is constantly active while the ignition is on. If the motorcycle is on,  the WHC is on,  and student safe mode is active.


The electronics package that comprises the WHC consists of an additional,  mechanical,  non-electrical,  backup safety system as well. This addition to the WHC device provides a single – ‘absolute maximum allowed front wheel height’ safety net by gradually applying pressure on the rear brake lever as ‘absolute max limit’ approaches. Thus again,  bringing the front wheel back down to the ground in the event of any electronics becoming compromised.

At WheelieU we specifically utilize the Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc motorcycle as our student bikes.
Classified as a ‘Standard’ or ‘Street fighter’ motorcycle, the short wheelbase and smooth torque curve of the unique three-cylinder engine makes this an ideal motorcycle to learn proper wheelie technique.
Sportbikes inherently have a more aggressive forward seating position, and power band, which again is not conducive to learning smooth, proper wheelies. The fundamentals and techniques that you will be taught at our school carry through to a wide range of motorcycles. Wrist and throttle control, body position, hand grip, and height confidence, among other tools will empower you to apply these newly learned techniques with confidence across a wide range of motorcycles, from sportbikes, dirt bikes, ATV’s, standard bikes,  and even some performance cruisers that love to be on one wheel.

The Pits & Transporter


At WheelieU the day will be filled with riding and hands-on instruction. We have setup a pit environment that is comfortable for our students to learn and relax in between sessions.


We will provide lunch, snacks, and drinks throughout the day keeping the energy levels up for the action packed 8-hour course. Whether you’re conversing with other like-minded students, or taking visual notes track side, there will be no shortage of entertainment and learning opportunities.

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